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Meandering thoughts, random rhyme and verse, and poetic prose all in an attempt to understand the universe.
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For Sale: Your Government

OK, so that particular knowledge is nothing new. I have supported public financing in the past here. We need stricter campaign contribution limits. Citizens United needs to be overturned and unfortunately the only way to do that is through a Constitutional Amendment. Well unless we want to undermine our common law judicial system and deal with all the consequences that entails. It is bad enough…

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Poetry Month Celebration Day 18

I cannot be the first to make this comparison, but I try to do it in my way. In the past our “betters” have held information from us to keep us ignorant. For the last thirty or so years, however (you don’t really believe it started with Facebook, do you) they have managed this goal doing the exact opposite. They hide the truth in plain sight, force feeding us so much information we do not know…

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An Open Letter to the Working Families Party Leadership

Dear Dan Cantor and other members of the Party Leadership;

I am happy to see the party taking a stand against the Governor and finally seriously consider not giving him our endorsement. For too long this conservative in liberal’s clothing has been able to count on the support of well intended progressives afraid of handing over the reigns of our great state’s executive branch to a Republican. He…

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