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There has been quite the brouhaha about Ms. Green and her mis-steps on her Sex+ blog and her YouTube features. I want to address some of them, open up discussion about it, and invite her to discuss what she thinks of all of it, and what she has to say for her self.

  • She has in the past made cis sexist comments: This one to me is kind of weak. Not that she has not done that, but she has thrown herself on her sword on this one, and frankly has put a lot of energy in Sex+ towards being a pretty OK ally.
  • Her Islamophobic comments: This one pisses me off. I read the material in question. It definitely gave me the impression that she really believes that Islam as a whole is any more sexist than any other religion as a whole. I invite her to not just look at Mormonism, which he also directs quite a bit of ire toward, but the Bible itself. It is a highly misogynistic text and a how to guide to oppress women, if you want it to be. Quite a few Christians very much still want this. There are groups of Christians that still preach that it is a man’s duty to beat his wife. This is not to say all Christianity is like that, indeed that is my point. She paints with a very broad brush. There are Muslims the world over that are no more sexist than the average American. There are even those who are less so.
    Ms. Green’s apology on this matter was very weak, the typical “I am sorry that you were offended” kind. If you want to be a force for positive change, Ms. Green, you have to do better than this.
  • Charges of lookism/fat phobia: This one I am not certain on. The only thing I have seen that might be taken as such was this. To me this cartoon was more of a stab at sexism and lookism. It is OK for men to look a certain way (true) but not women (false.) I could be wrong though and if there are other instance of this please let me know.

Finally, I want to say, the threats and harassment are kind of disgusting guys. Yes PoC and trans* folk deal with it on a daily basis. If anything you would think that would make us more aware of how crap that makes us feel and we would not want to wish that on anyone. Besides, it solves nothing. I have defended our right to use “die cis scum” to unrepentant cis sexists (I won’t with “cracker, not because I disagree with it, but because it is not my right to comment on that) but to consistently harass an individual is weak, we are all better than that.

So I’ve laid out what I have to say. Please share your thoughts Ms. Green, if you are still out there, the balls are in your court.

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