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I have seen a few Tumblrs understandably upset that the whole Laci Green issue has been getting more attention here than the really fucking disgusting threat made against the First Lady and the even more disgusting fact that the perp (yeah, he gets that title) is going to get away with it. That’s a fair charge to level at the Tumblr community so I’d like to address it.

It seems to me, that the threats against the FLoTUS, though they have not been addressed officially (and man does that piss me off) have been addressed pretty thoroughly at least throughout the left wing blogosphere and in the non-mainstream media. As such the news hit me, and I am sure a great many Tumblrs, though I really cannot know, by more main stream online outlets, ie Facebook. It was there that I expressed my outrage, sharing news of the act and discussing it there. I am sure there are people here who never even did that much, but for some, like me, I am sure it was a case of having already addressed it, we weren’t going to address it here.

Also there is the matter of accessibility. Tumblrs will never have the chance to address this jack ass, nor express to Mrs. Obama their concern for her well being, at least not in anyway that she is likely to see. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t write about it, but it does affect motivation to do so. With Laci Green, those angry with her, those defending her,and those like me who sit somewhere in the middle, feel like we can have a direct affect on the issue. This is the same reason we see people sending $700,000 to a bullied bus monitor, or reblogging info about an abused animal rather than see people post about Bradley Manning. It feels closer to our level, like something we can control.

On to the flipside. When called out for not expressing concern for Michelle Obama but being in a tizzy over the Laci Green affair, rather than blubbering and repeating your outrage over the latter’s treatment, how about agreeing that, yeah, what happened to Mrs. Obama was several orders of magnitude worse. She was threatened, by someone with obvious access to firearms, whose job it was to protect her. Had she been Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton or Nancy Reagan they would already be assigning the firing squad for this bastard. By all means, still be concerned for Ms. Green, but a show of anger over what happened to the First Lady is far more appropriate than beating your chest and sobbing over your hurt feelings for being called out for it.

In the end there is no Michelle Obama v. Laci Green. I like Ms. Green, warts and all, and absolutely love the First Lady (Clinton and Roosevelt are the only two that even come close to her.) Concern isn’t some Malthusian resource. There is more than enough to go around. I can be upset at both issues, and so can you.

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