Hand of Ananke

Meandering thoughts, random rhyme and verse, and poetic prose all in an attempt to understand the universe.
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The Place for Kwame


Home alone, Kwame dives into his school books. The other kids are out in the late summer sun, dancing, laughing, playing but Kwame has other plans. They think he is a punk and that is OK, he does not care. Just like he does not care that his mom is at her second job when he gets home, or that sometimes she goes to his dad’s place overnight. He is twelve, he can take care of himself, at least a…

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New Poem: Turned Over


More storms on the horizon. Last night was a false alarm, at least from where I was sitting. I hope somebody nearby got a show, because I sure didn’t. Thunderstorm love, because is there anything better? (more…)

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A Step Or Two Away


It is just a temporary gig. Gordon has no plans to spend year after year taking care of people who cannot take care of themselves. He only works at the halfway house because it is relatively easy money while he goes to college. Usually  he has time to get his reading for his classes done, since he mostly works the overnight shift. He is, in his mind, a glorified baby sitter for grown ups, but…

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