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Meandering thoughts, random rhyme and verse, and poetic prose all in an attempt to understand the universe.
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He is a fixture, this man in his stained tee shirt and ripped jeans. The little town he calls home knows him and knows him well. At least they know the sight of him. They see him on his bike every day. Occasionally he makes small talk with people sitting outside at the cafes. They smile and nod, and one or two of them even remember his name. Some joke that he does not. (more…)

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New Poem: Under Their Skin


Giving a shit can be rough. Reading line after line of xenophobia, rage, greed, and simple, childish, selfishness on the internet, or hearing it at a door while you are canvassing, can feel like a billion tiny daggers digging into your heart. Sometimes we just need a little reminder that it is worth it, no matter how hard. (more…)

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Out of…


“Empty your pockets.” The command is cold and mechanical and Dionne tries not to take offense but she can see the judgement behind the security guard’s eyes. She can see it as he looks over the people ahead of her, and behind in line, in the early morning hours in the October chill. Some folks are still outside in that cold and she knows if she waited just five minutes more, if she caught one…

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