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people are still going hungry in the wealthiest nation on Earth, our ecology is in peril, young Men of Color are gunned down by police for not saying “yes sir” quick enough, women are still treated like property, your boss is ready to fire you so his stock will go up point, people are losing their homes to con men, innocent men, women and children are bombed to line the pockets of war profiteers in the name of “freedom”, our elected offices are held by millionaires protecting the billionaires they worship, education is treated like a commodity rather than a public good, we are charged by gouging monopolies for public services we are told we cannot go without, and all of these problems are on the verge of getting worse not better…

… but Richard Sherman acting like an aggressive jock is what is wrong with the world.


Parents Outraged Over Radio Disney’s Participation in Pro-Fracking Educational Tour

In December, an educational program funded by Ohio’s oil and gas industry and sponsored by Radio Disney went on a 26-stop tour of schools, science centers and fairs across the state promoting oil and gas drilling. 

Complete with coloring books and a pipeline-building contest, the “Rocking in Ohio” program has environmental activists—as well as parents—upset over the pro-fracking agenda being advertised to children. The tour was funded entirely by the …

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What the actual f…

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Forbidden Manna

Rain (Photo credit: Meyer Felix)

Kaylee keeps her head down, eyes obscured in her hood, as she…

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