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Meandering thoughts, random rhyme and verse, and poetic prose all in an attempt to understand the universe.
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Attitude of Gratitude Day 5: A Place In The Ring

English: Demonstrators rallying for peace as part of the Occupy Portland movement in Portland,…

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The boundless enthusiasm
of youth
surrounding me
infusing me
with new purpose
and rediscovered optimism

I had put it in a safe place
in shelves
deep in my mind
locked away tight
and forgotten
where it knew it could never be challenged

Exposed once again to sunlight
it grows
billowing wild
with strange vigor
and unchained might
it strives to topple the status quo

The muscles of hope exercised
once more
stretching the knots
set in my mind
loosening their grip
and allowing me to move forward

Between a Roc and a Hard Place: H2O From Across Monroe

English: A beautiful night in July 2011 made this shot happen – that, and some HDR work. (Photo…

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