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Can You See The Finish Line?

It is easy, so very easy, to look around our world and be pessimistic. Short sighted industrialists threaten our well-being. Angry taxpayers want to take their frustration out on the most vulnerable in our society while being convinced by those who truly abuse them that said abuse is good for them. Our political process seems rigged. Far too many of us still give into, or suffer from, bigotry. So…

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… awareness is great, really, and in matters of oppression one of the most important weapons. Solutions however, especially on campaign finance, political, econnomic, and environmental issues, are way better. I know some of you work on that but a lot of you are just bitching.

I never met the man. The closest I ever came was a few hundred feet away in what is now the Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center. He had a quiet way about him, but there was no denying the fierce, loving, energy beneath it all. His fellow folk artists,…

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