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Meandering thoughts, random rhyme and verse, and poetic prose all in an attempt to understand the universe.
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Fuel For My Fire


Quick Laundry List: moving out of Buff under crap circumstances, family crisis 1, living back in the closet, family crisis 2, living on the edge of poverty, listening to whiny white kids with better finances than me complain that they live in poverty (triggering much?), and watching a party I had a bucket load of faith in make the worst mistake of their 15 years. Did I miss anything? Probably,…

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Poetry Month Celebration Day 23

So Hand of Ananke’s first celebration of National Poetry Month is over. I hope you all enjoyed it. I cannot wait for next year. I finish off with a poem about the work I have done with some amazing people. I know a lot of folks of all political persuasions roll their eyes at actual activists, and sometimes that is depressing, but we won’t stop fighting for you no matter what. Who knows maybe we…

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Can You See The Finish Line?

It is easy, so very easy, to look around our world and be pessimistic. Short sighted industrialists threaten our well-being. Angry taxpayers want to take their frustration out on the most vulnerable in our society while being convinced by those who truly abuse them that said abuse is good for them. Our political process seems rigged. Far too many of us still give into, or suffer from, bigotry. So…

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