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In For a Penny, In For a Pound (of Flesh)

Photo: Priorities ....

I am sure many of you have seen the above graphic. It is worth noting that several of the states on the left of the image are our allies, and the two we do not consider allies are not exactly enemies either. Our military budget is bloated beyond any reasonable boundaries, and yet somehow this is perfectly acceptable to most Americans. Oh, some speak out about it. The Democratic party likes to…

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Can You See The Finish Line?

It is easy, so very easy, to look around our world and be pessimistic. Short sighted industrialists threaten our well-being. Angry taxpayers want to take their frustration out on the most vulnerable in our society while being convinced by those who truly abuse them that said abuse is good for them. Our political process seems rigged. Far too many of us still give into, or suffer from, bigotry. So…

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Taking a Good Idea and Cutting it to Shreds

It is a dirty word for suburbanites: “consolidation.” People in rural communities and suburbs alike want to keep their identities even at the expense of good fiscal policy and more efficient government. This debate heats up even more when you get into the notion of “metro” school districts, folding city schools and suburban schools into one entity. Suburbanites understandably want to keep their…

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