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I just had to do some admittedly too late to call it spring cleaning of my friends list on Facebook. I know you should not live in an echo chamber but the absolutely psychotic level of hatred leveled at the poor (or as they like to call them “takers”) in our country was starting to trigger me, hard. I wish had saved the internet meme that put me over the edge. It was something along the lines of…

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The (Empty) World Cup Runneth Over

An anti-government demonstrator takes part in a protest against the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro

Years past, every four years, I have been able to pretend I am more of a “proper” football fan than American football fan. This is, of course, patently false, evidenced by the quotation marks around the word “proper” and the fact that this is my first blog post about soccer. The sad reality of it is that it is not really about the game at all, but rather the unfortunate outcome for so many…

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In For a Penny, In For a Pound (of Flesh)

Photo: Priorities ....

I am sure many of you have seen the above graphic. It is worth noting that several of the states on the left of the image are our allies, and the two we do not consider allies are not exactly enemies either. Our military budget is bloated beyond any reasonable boundaries, and yet somehow this is perfectly acceptable to most Americans. Oh, some speak out about it. The Democratic party likes to…

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