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Meandering thoughts, random rhyme and verse, and poetic prose all in an attempt to understand the universe.
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Poetry Month Celebration Day 18

I cannot be the first to make this comparison, but I try to do it in my way. In the past our “betters” have held information from us to keep us ignorant. For the last thirty or so years, however (you don’t really believe it started with Facebook, do you) they have managed this goal doing the exact opposite. They hide the truth in plain sight, force feeding us so much information we do not know…

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Poetry Month Celebration Day 17

I don’t know why, but we all have a habit of getting into habits. We stick ourselves in a rut and are afraid to leave it. Even me, though maybe not so much as some others: vagabond heart and all that. We do it, though, we deny there is more to us than meets the eye, even while bemoaning the fact that nobody sees more of us than we show. We are weird, and that’s okay. (more…)

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Poetry Month Celebration Day 16

A little Earth Day poetry for you. It makes me sad how so many of our fellow travelers stick their heads in the sand. We are killing ourselves and making the world a less beautiful place in the process.  She has taken care of all her kids for almost 4 billion years and us for 200,000 (2 million if you count ALL hominids.) Good children take care of their parents in their dotage. (more…)

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