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Meandering thoughts, random rhyme and verse, and poetic prose all in an attempt to understand the universe.
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New Poem: The Thistle


OK, so I was in a bummer mood yesterday. Too much hate in my newsfeed can do that. I am still upset for seeing all that. For seeing the evidence that we are all still far too savage. That said I saw something yesterday that got me thinking. Something in a movie. I won’t say which one, let us just say that there was a shot of a particularly prickly flower and I got to thinking what perfect…

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I sometimes think we are ruled by fools. Then I remember we are, in theory, a participatory democracy, and I am no less sure, but a lot sadder about that. Still, don’t want to let the fools we send to represent us off the hook.


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I am about at my wit’s end. (more…)

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