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Saying “Africans owned slaves” is like saying it is OK to beat your neighbors kids because they do.

Waiting For the Cries of “Reverse Appropriation”

I want to get out ahead of this. Frankly I am surprised they did not come up with the phrase when Idris Elba was cast as Never-actually-described-in either-the-poetic-or-prose-Eddas-and-from-a-different-plane-of-existence-still-he-must-be-white Heimdall. White outrage whenever they think a black person has unfairly stolen a “white” part is the new big thing in claims of reverse racism and the…

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I needed to take a break. I was not sure how to write about what went down Sunday night. I was kind of, sort of, rooting for the Broncos but really just wanted a good game (and boy was everyone let down with that.) That was nothing though. That was small…

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