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It’s so crazy to see people still going back and forth on the Jared Leto / transgender situation. 

Basically, ask yourself this and try to answer quickly:
When’s the last time you saw a trans actor play the role of a cis person?

Okay, now: Why does it only work in reverse?

This. This. Exactly effin this!!!!

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Parents Outraged Over Radio Disney’s Participation in Pro-Fracking Educational Tour

In December, an educational program funded by Ohio’s oil and gas industry and sponsored by Radio Disney went on a 26-stop tour of schools, science centers and fairs across the state promoting oil and gas drilling. 

Complete with coloring books and a pipeline-building contest, the “Rocking in Ohio” program has environmental activists—as well as parents—upset over the pro-fracking agenda being advertised to children. The tour was funded entirely by the …

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What the actual f…

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Dannielle Says:


Ugh… that does not look cute, but you guys, WHATEVER. I would like to, on behalf of the entire community, apologize to you. I am so sorry that ANYONE ON EARTH has made you feel like being who you are is anything less than…

One of their better posts, and I like most of them.