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Meandering thoughts, random rhyme and verse, and poetic prose all in an attempt to understand the universe.
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I really, really, do not want to write this post. I have been procrastinating like mad all while my gut rips itself apart. Even as I type I feel another anxiety attack coming on because as much as I talk the talk about being willing to offend those you care about/for, walking the walk is sometimes hard, especially when you know what you have to say is going to stir up a monster shit storm all…

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The Immigration Debate Comes To My Hometown


It is late June here and as is usual for this time of year in Brockport, a quiet, little Victorian village on the Erie Canal between Rochester and Buffalo in upstate NY, there is a pleasant laziness in the air. That happens when you lose somewhere between quarter and a third of your population as the college students leave for home. The worst you usually hear around now is a complaint about the…

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On The Face Of It


There is still way too much hate in the world. Too many people, including friends and family members of mine, are at least semi-open (and not seldom enough completely open) in their belief that their race is inherently superior to others. Oh many try to sugar coat it, or hide it in coded language, but it is obvious to anyone paying even a little attention. That said, for the most part that…

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